More Awesome Places to Visit in The Verse

The first Blue Sun Travel Posters set a new high water mark for sci-fi graphic design and collectibles.

But The Verse is a very big place. A place so big, diverse and full of adventure, it demands more posters from our friends at Blue Sun Travel Agency, who are standing by right now to book your passage to the exotic port of call of your choice.

In Series 2 we visit the bustling skyways of Beaumonde, the sophisticated beauty of Bellerophon, the down-home hospitality of Canton (known to the locals as Jaynestown), the unspoiled ranch lands of Shadow, and Li-Shen's Bazaar, where everything in The Verse can be had duty free!




17 in wide x 22 in high

43.18 cm wide x 55.88 cm high


100-lb, satin-finish paper.


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