Screen-Accurate, Blue Sun-Approved

This Jayne Cobb replica shirt is the first and only screen-accurate rendition of the most famous Firefly T-shirt of them all: Blue Sun.

Working closely with costume designer Shawna Trpcic, we have matched exactly the men's shirt worn by Jayne in the episode "Bushwacked" in both fabric color and the Blue Sun logo. This is the only version of the Blue Sun shirt available that matches the screen-used costume color precisely.

The only thing left is to remove the sleeves and collar ring, and you've got yourself an exact match to Jayne's T. We'll leave removal of said collar and sleeves to your discretion. You know, in case you'd prefer to leave your Blue Sun shirt intact.

Because there was no women's version of the Blue Sun shirt seen in Firefly, we've taken the liberty of applying the screen-accurate logo to a flattering navy blue, feminine-cut shirt.




Unisex: Prairie Dust

Women: Navy


100% preshrunk cotton


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